Posted by: draftgil | March 16, 2009

Why Gilbert Baker? UPDATE II

This blog is the result of about a month worth of research on potential Republican US Senate candidates for the 2010 election. I had been considerably less than thrilled with all of the early speculation, mostly swirling around second-tier Senatorial candidates, so I decided to see if there was anyone better suited for the job. So, I developed the following profile for the perfect US Senate candidate:

  1. An energetic, experienced, fresh face who will energize the electorate
  2. Not connected to the current DC climate
  3. Socially Conservative
  4. Fiscally Conservative
  5. Knows what its like to be a regular guy

One of the first names I found that fit these qualifications was that of Gilbert Baker, the recently re-elected State Senator out of Conway. I knew that I had stumbled upon a fantastic candidate for national office, but I kept looking in the hope that I could find other potentially viable choices. However, after looking at every viable candidate being mentioned, I found that Baker had only become more appealing.

Conservative to the core, Baker has the instincts to fight for Arkansas.  Join with me, leave your contact info below, and lets commit to Gilbert Baker for US Senate.

UPDATE: Feel free to join our Facebook Group.

UPDATE II:  A little insider baseball from Southern Political Report

“The guy to watch is Gilbert Baker,” says a Little Rock Republican insider. Baker’s re-election last year in a hotly contested state senate battle was front-page news in Arkansas. Baker’s opponent, Democrat Joe White, had the full backing of Gov. Mike Beebe and both sides were well-funded. The total cost for both campaigns totaled some $800,000, the most expensive in Arkansas history. Baker co-chairs the legislature’s Budget Committee, which gets him quoted in lots of new stories and gives him some bona fides in discussing economic issues affecting the state. He’s also a good fundraiser, who helped the state GOP raise more than $1 million when he was chairman. And the economy, which had an unemployment rate of 6.6% in February, the state’s highest since 1993, is likely to be an important issue, potentially helping either party.



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